Immixtion - Que Faire ?
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Que Faire ?
Liv Schulman

In Que Faire ? a group of scriptwriters are desperately looking for ideas, or any way to save their work through emotions and private language. Locked in the Writer’s Room, unless it is an empty workshop on the premises of their former employer, their activity is as much a brainstorming session as a group therapy or an innovative form of collective unemployment. A distant echo of Lenin’s famous political treatise, this new Que Faire? tackles the question of work when it is associated with the contemporary imperative of creativity. The title resounds like a cry of distress: What to do (how to create) when bodies are devalued, reduced to a state of radical frustration and anxiety? The text probes the inability to know what to do when the inner life, the main source of productive work, is overwhelmed by nervous breakdown; in the process, it also explores the plastic nature of language and the transformative power of speech. Que Faire ? is originally a TV mini-series written and directed by Liv Schulman in collaboration with a team ofnon-professional actors. For the book version of the series Liv Schulman worked in collaboration with the graphic designer Roxanne Maillet.

This book is co-produced by the art centre La Galerie (Noisy-le-Sec) and the art centre Parc Saint Léger (Pougues-les-eaux)

80 pages - 2 colours Riso printing - 136 x 182 mm - 250 ex.
Authors and contributors: Liv Schulman, in collaboration with Alain Farrès, Dominique Martin, Thomas Brehamet-Godet, Gaëtan Alepee, Nathanaëlle Puaud, Emilie Renard, Zoe Charles, Alban Legass, Régine Besenval, Nadège Souillard et Marjolaine Calipel.
Text in French.
Graphic Design: Roxanne Maillet
ISBN : 979-10-90298-10-1 - 2018