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Katharina Schmidt

Belsunce presents an extensive series of drawings that Katharina Schmidt has produced over several years, capturing the minute variations of the daily landscape characteristic of this popular, multicultural and commercial neighborhood, strongly associated with the different waves of migration that have marked the history of Marseille. The Belsunce series is exemplary of Schmidt's research, rooted in a resolutely contemporary approach to drawing, both systematic and processual, which reinvests and distances itself from the expressive and lyrical potential of the gesture and its trace by subjecting them to the principles of reproducibility and repetition.
The book includes two texts that shed additional light on the production process of the Belsunce series, its inclusion in the work of Katharina Schmidt and the aesthetic and political concerns that feed it. The essay by the art critic Birgit Efflinger interprets the political resonances through a reading inspired by the thought of the philosopher Henri Lefebvre. In her interview with the philosopher Vanessa Britto, Katharina Schmidt evokes her will to reconsider in a critical way the crossed inheritance of the modernist abstraction and the pop art and, by sowing trouble in the grid, to feed approaches of the representation and the modes of production answering the thoughts of the emancipation which cross our time.

This book was published with the support of Conseil régional Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Département des Bouches-du-Rhône and artcade* Marseille.


80 pages - colours - 210 x 297 mm

Authors : Birgit Effinger, Vanessa Brito, Katharina Schmidt.
Translations : Cédric Aurelle, Jo Chaney.
Texts in French, English, German.
Graphic Design : Alice Griveau.
ISBN - 979-10-90298-15-6 - 2021